PRM App version 2

Baptiste Velan
Baptiste Velan 23-08-2017
PRM App version 2

What is the PRM App?

The PRM App is a web-based application or SaaS (Software as Service)..

The app is separated into 3 sections:

  • Staff: staff can book Passengers on flights according to their needs (SSR or Special Service Requests), keep a record of Passengers on flights and be ready for collection at the gates or on stands
  • Admin: Management can get an insight of the number of passengers per day, per month and per airline. Automatic reports are sent by the App. Busy times, who booked who etc...
  • Passenger: Passengers can rate and comment on the service they have received once they have authencticated themselves against a flight.

The application has evolved following the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Indeed, collection on stand is recorded by staff entering the time the plane went "on chocks" and the time the team is ready on stand to service the aircraft.

The App automatically syncs all the future flights daily and it also updates flight times every 30 minutes.

“There was nothing in place before… It has allowed Interserve to capture accurately all the information required by the CAA. […] This has demonstrated to the CAA that the airport is taking positive actions to improve its classification ...”

M. Withington, Interserve.

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